Monday, 13 February 2017

Robust and Energetic platform Weightlifting and Power lifting gym in Dubai

Weightlifting and power lifting is the very popular as competitive sport in Europe and after 1900 weightlifting also become popular in united states. it also refer as Olympic style weightlifting because it is the only form of lifting in the Olympic.

Weightlifting Dubai
                               Weightlifting Dubai
Weightlifting is the full body exercise that helps you to stay fit. Like other sport weightlifting does not need that much training, with little training and some extra effort you can learn weightlifting as much that required for survival.

Powerlifting Dubai
                                Powerlifting Dubai
Here at fitrepublik “Barbell club” offer the weightlifting and powerlifting Foundation course for the beginner and for those who have knowledge about it Barbell club offer the weightlifting and powerlifting course which is specially designed with the help of expert.

Offered courses at fitrepublik “Barbell club”

1. Beginner in weightlifting (60 min)

This course is designed for the beginner. This course completed in 3 phases first one is warm-up then after in 2nd phase learn about the motion associated with lifting and the 3rd and final phase learn about the basic technique weightlifting of snatch, Cleans, jerks. With help of this course you are ready to move to the next step of weightlifting.

2. Olympic weightlifting (120 min)

This is the 2nd level course for those who completed the basic course and learnt about the basics of weightlifting and now want to improve their strength. Course helps you to move to more strength and perfecting your technique for weightlifting.

3. Team Olympic weightlifting (120 min)

In this 3rd level weightlifter’s push them self to achieve more and learn new things in weightlifting.

4.   Power lifting (120 min)

This is 4th and the highest level of course we offer here at fitrepublik (Barbell club). This class mainly focuses on the max effort exercise, leg curl, Lower back movement, Upper back movement, biceps and abs. Power lifting is not the general course. Learning power lifting you must learn in the guidance of expert.  

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